ORSAnaut Try Outs

Today is the first of two big events for ORSA in the next week. Before Principia and Tim Peake blast off we have to select crews for our missions to run alongside his on the ISS.

Our prospective ORSAnauts will undergo some rigourous testing

  1. A physical challenge that makes sure the brain can work when the body is working hard too!
  2. A manual dexterity challenge that requires foucs and a steady hand.
  3. PDQ – a challenge to see if you know the power of your brain!
  4. QED – a scrambled word puzzle showing why ORSAnauts need to exercise their brains.
  5. Super-Scientists – using a code to show the variety of science.
  6. Colour challenge – a test to manage your brain.

I am sure we will get brilliant crews for ORSA and our missions will be Amazing!

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  1.   peter and Fraser on December 10th, 2015          Reply

    It was fun, see you next time.

  2.   Khushi on December 18th, 2015          Reply

    I had a good time reading the post on this blog.Will visit again soon.

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