ISS Pass with ASC

Just spent a fantastic 30 minutes with ASC looking up at the stars as we waited, and hoped, to see the ISS pass at 17.31. None of them had ever seen it before!

The sky darkened, Roger switched off some lights around the school to make it a bit darker and we waited as clouds began to drift across the western horizon where the ISS would appear from. Jake was almost beside himself as we waited for the 17.31 arrival, clouds then melted away after threatening to ruin the first sighting for ASC! ISS was not to be denied. It wanted to show off its amazing, bright white beauty for our fascinated young learners.

Then at 17.31 the ‘star’ of the show appeared right on cue – not a second early, not a second late – over Key Stage One roof, glowing slightly orange at first then gleaming bright white as it dashed across the sky above the playground. For all the pupils there it was the first time they had seen this modern wonder. I don’t think it will be the last time they gaze west and see ISS trail it’s amazing, awe-inspiring track across Reading’s night sky!

It was amazing to share the experience with them and I hope we will get to see it again next week when Tim Peake is on board!

Jake was one of those who saw the ISS for the first time tonight – “Its 17.31 …. my heart is really beating fast ….. there it is! …. Is that it?'” – a totally absorbed young man, eyes skyward as were all eyes there tonight. First time ISS spotters included Chioma and her sister, Danny, Samira & Tim, Peter and his brother, Ishmeal, Jakub, Jake & Luca, Roger, Kevin, Monika & Joanna – there were others too!

Amazing place ORCS, still learning and sharing great experiences at 17.31 on a Friday evening!

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