15/12/2015 Tim Peake Principia Launch day

We at ORSA are so excited and proud to be a part of the mission to send first British Astronaut to the International Space Station.

Congratulations and good luck Tim, ESA and all in Principia project.

UK ISS pic


BBC RADIO BERKSHIRE FEATURE – go to 0:24 minutes then again at 1:12 into the show.

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  1.   Peter and Fraser on December 15th, 2015          Reply

    What an exciting day ORSAnauts! Hope you have great fun learning exciting science alongside Tim Peake.
    Peter’s Mum.

  2.   Nicky Cox on December 15th, 2015          Reply

    Great work ORSAnauts! Remember, even the sky is not the limit! You can be anything you want to be and go anywhere you want to go!

  3.   Louie on December 16th, 2015          Reply

    What a big day ! Hope you all had a brilliant one, ORSAnauts! Look forward to seeing what you get up to in the weeks to come!

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