ISS over Reading again this month

Timetable for ISS sightings over Reading

UK ISS pic


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  1.   ORSAnaut Danny on February 6th, 2016          Reply

    Hooray I can watch the ISS tonight at 7:22 or 5:56

    •   Mr L on February 6th, 2016          Reply

      Hope the clouds move away so you can see it Danny! Remember to give Tim a wave, he always looks out the cupola windows when it passes over the UK.

      •   ORSAnaut Danny on February 7th, 2016          Reply

        Couldn’t it was such a shame because it was just too cloudy but anyway I was eating pizza or playing game of life and the London board game

  2.   Peter on February 7th, 2016          Reply

    I would like to see the ISS again

  3.   Mr L on February 10th, 2016          Reply

    Danny, Peter & other ORSAnauts – did you see ISS tonight – it was beautiful – I looked up with binoculars and could make out the H shape quite clearly. Another satellite went overhead as ISS disappeared

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