O.R.S.A Mission 2, Session 2

Today we were investigating how light travels in straight lines . In addition, we also found out which colour lets out the most light (to be more specific – torch light)   – red ,yellow or blue  (this message is to other O.R.S.A members – our group didn’t have the same colours as yours). First off, we built 4, 6 lego brick tall walls and used them to make a obstacle course, we then got out 4 mirrors and placed them into position. Then, we shone the light at mirror 1 and saw if the light got through to the screen at the end of the obstacle course (to be more specific – some blue card). At the end of the experiment, we concluded that we can change light’s course using mirrors.

After the end of the first experiment we got on with the second one – to see which colour lets through the most light – red yellow or blue. First, we got out three different coloured colour panels (if you don’t know which colour go up one line and read it) and then put some paper (which had writing on it) on a wall. Then we got our colour panels and put it in front of our torch ( the same one which had been used in the last experiment ) – oh yes I forgot to say, we put the torch on before  we put the colour panels over it and then tried to read the writing . At the end of the experiment, we knew that it was safe to say that yellow let out the most light. And then that was pretty much it, the last session of O.R.S.A , mission 2 – done.

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