About O.R.S.A

O.R.S.A, Oxford Road Space and science Academy, not really an academy but really an after school club for kids to do some science. And when they can , visitors come in and do some even more  science stuff – sorry, even more cool science stuff. And what I personally mean by ‘science stuff ‘ I mean the fun , exiting , bright and other things that make you inquisitive . Leaving out all the dull stuff. And what I mean by dull stuff is things like , well, general relativity and all that, I mean , O.R.S.A is only targeted at people in year 3-5 ( grade 2 – 4) and general relativity and stuff like that isn’t really going to be that easy to explain to us that . Anyway – back to the point of of this post ( if you just forgot , look at the title) 2 missions have been done so far, and in total there will be 6 missions, speaking of which, we O.R.S.Anauts don’t really know what the 6th mission is. Only Mr Lyford knows( the person who is technically in charge)  . All we know is that there are 6 – well more precisely 4 missions because 2 have already been finished but, you may be thinking : why is there only a few missions ?  Well , people who are currently reading this post right now, the reason why there are a few missions is that in each mission there are 4 sessions. And that is pretty much it. 232 words about O.R.S.A!

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