ORSA Stargazing Event March 2016

ORSA Stargazing

As part of British Science Week 2016 ORSA will be holding two evenings of Stargazing for ORSAnauts and their families.

We will be inviting local astronomy experts to come along and help us to discover what we can see in the Reading night sky using our naked eye, binoculars, simple telescopes and hopefully some bigger more complex telescopes too. We will be trying to create an ORSA Sky Map of all the objects we can see in the sky over west Reading in March.

The event will take place from 7 till 8.30pm on Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th March at George Street Park. Check out British Science Week website for other cool stuff in the area.

Parents will be invited to bring their children along to either one or both of the evenings. More details and invites after half term but put the date in your diary.

For more details on this event please email ORSA      blog@oxfordroad.reading.sch.uk

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12 Comments so far

  1.   Mr L on February 9th, 2016          Reply

    Had this from Moscow today via Twitter

    @MrLyford @beckspeake Shame I can’t access the site from Russia

    @MrLyford @beckspeake amaze a kid. Find Big Dipper and ‘double’ star Alcor and Mizar in the tail? Alcor is 2 stars, Mizar is 4. See wikipd

    @MrLyford @beckspeake Then use Big Dipper to find the (North) Pole star.

    •   ORSAnaut Danny on February 16th, 2016          Reply

      Have you worked out how to work the telescopes

      •   Mr L on February 16th, 2016          Reply

        Danny. I have brought the telescope to Spain. I have managed to build it up twice now without having to look at the instructions. Tomorrow I am going to use it to look at the mountains near my house here in Almeria. There are a monastery, wind farm and observatory at the top that I can focus on. If it is clear tomorrow night I’ll try and look at the moon and anything else up there.
        Mr L

        •   ORSAnaut Danny on February 27th, 2016          Reply

          Great did you see it though

        •   Jackie H. on March 2nd, 2016          Reply

          Hi my name is Jackie and,wow that sounds really cool I wish I were there.

  2.   missioncontrol on February 9th, 2016          Reply

    We have managed to “unblock” @RedCosmonaut so hopefully he will come back and post some comments of his own in next few days.

  3.   Peter on February 14th, 2016          Reply

    I am looking forward to looking at the stars.

  4.   Luke on February 25th, 2016          Reply

    Dear ORSAnauts,
    My name is luke and i’m from Vista Preparatory Academy. I have your post and I like the way that you could get professional astronomers to work with the people who arrive. I had a telescope before and every once in awhile I would look through it and I could see everything in the sky. You guys who it seem to be really devoted to get pros to work with you.
    I would like to ask you how long have you been doing this or how long has this been around?

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    •   ORSAnaut Danny on March 12th, 2016          Reply

      ORSA has been around since the 7th of January 2016 with the blog being run even longer our first session was about speed. Our question was which was fastest either an arrow shot hockey hit mr lyfords bike or me running at top speed so the arrow won!

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  5.   Zayed on March 7th, 2016          Reply

    Did it work.

  6.   Zayed on March 7th, 2016          Reply


  7.   Sarah Cruddas on March 17th, 2016          Reply

    Good luck to all of the ORSAnauts and their families taking part in the stargazing events! Just remember for every star you see in the nights sky, there is at least one planet orbiting around it. Just imagine what else is out there!


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