Mission 3 session 3

On mission 3 session 3 we had a visitor called Jess Wade. First she shown us a presantation about liquids, solids, gases and plasma. After the presantation we did some experiments with dry ice (its the solid form of carbon dioxide)here are the things we did.

  • we blew bubbles in to a box of dry ice and insted of going down they bouncedon the dry ice.
  • we put dry ice in water and it started steaming it felt weird because you could see it but it did not feel like any thing then we did try the same thing but with washing liquid and it made steam bubbles kind of cool
  • we did lava lamps with oil ,water ,food coloring and tablets we put the tablets in the botle of water and oil and it bubbled
  • and last we put like transparent balls in water and they looked invisible.

Thank you for coming Jess i really enjoyed it.

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