Mission 3 Session 3 ORSA

For this session  a scientist called Jess Wade came in to talk about what she does at her job in imperial college. At her lab she makes and works on advanced solar panels, making new designs and experimenting on them. As well as, doing loads of travelling around the world, they even got to meet the president of China!

Firstly , she showed us a presentation about her job and why its good to become a scientist or an engineer. She showed us a chart, of which jobs payed a lot of money and which ones didn’t. The top 3 most paying  jobs were working with medicine, being a scientist and being engineer.She then explained to us about why it is good to be an engineer or a scientist, some of the reasons were it is really fun and you get to do loads of travelling as well as making better inventions that could help the enviroment. I think it sounds really fun  and personally Id choose scientist over engineer. Which one would you pick?

For our first experiment, she showed us a presentation about matter, solids ,gasses, liquids and plasma (ionized gas). After that we experimented with matter using dry ice and ice to observe.

The experiments:

  • We blew bubbles into a box filled with dry ice and observed as they floated over the surface of the carbon dioxide that the dry ice was giving off.
  • We put dry ice next to some normal ice and  compared what happened to them the dry ice did not melt but turned directly from a liquid into a gas. (sublimation) This happened because of the fact that dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide
  • We put dry ice into  water and it started steaming.However the gas was not cold,in fact it didn’t feel like anything at all.After experimenting with this we put washing up liquid in the dry ice water and it turned into bubbles, which burst into carbon dioxide gas, just like normal dry ice does.
  • We also made our own lava lamps with water food coloring and oil. when we put these ingredients into a bottle of water they made a density stack and started bubbling.
  • Finally, we put these things called seven color water balls into a bowl of water and observed as they became invisible.However, when you put your hand in you could feel them but not see them this created a weird experience for most of us.

I had a really fun time at this session it was great. Huge thank you to Jess Wade for coming in ,to talk and experiment with us. Thank you also for bringing in and giving us those water balls.

Thank you for reading. Bye 🙂


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  1.   Mr L on April 28th, 2016          Reply

    This is an excellent, well thought out and well written journal Karl. Please make sure that you show it to your Mum and Dad!

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