ORSAnauts @ UoR Weather Station

Here are the links to some of the weather sites that Stephen and Ellie talked about yesterday at the University Weather Station

Satellite Pictures

Lightning strike maps 

And two links to help you add temperature records to your weather diary – don’t forget to do this all week before Ellie comes in to do the session on Thursday 30th June

UoR Weather station data – graphs

UoR Weather station data – tables

IMG_3669 IMG_3673

IMG_3678 IMG_3679

Plus finally our own ORSA weather station is now working so we can have our own ORCS weather data


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  1.   alex on July 14th, 2016          Reply

    absolutely brilliant day out, and so interesting to see a real live weather station in action. massive thankyou to Mr Lyford for organising the trip…

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