Absolutely delighted to announce that ORSA has won a place at Principia Schools Conference and has been selected to make a presentation about our amazing after school science club.

During the summer ORSAnaut Karl wrote a 3 page report all about his 6 months as an ORSAnaut and this was submitted to the UK Space Agency. After being judged by a panel of leading space and science experts Karl’s ORSA report was selected and ORSA became¬†one of 80 projects that have been selected to attend the two day conference at the University of Portsmouth in November. They will also be presenting to Tim Peake himself!

Principia Schools Conferences

Mr Lyford and Dr Jess Wade from Imperial College London will take 6 ORSAnauts to the conference where they will get to do lots of great activities on Tuesday and then return for the presentation day and Tim Peake event on Wednesday. Unfortunately each project is only able to send 6 pupils so that as many projects as possible get to attend. So we will be leaving Reading West at 7 am both days for a long, tiring but amazing days of science, space and showing off our amazing club. Jess will be running an experiment with the ORSAnauts during the presentation, they will be making their very own comet with dry ice, water and a variety of ‘dirts’!

We are very grateful to South West Trains and GWR for providing us with free return train tickets for both days for the ORSA team!

Anne Diamond at BBC Radio  Berkshire has invited the ORSAnauts to the studio in Caversham after the event to talk about what it was like when they presented about ORSA and met Tim Peake.

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