The Science Museum, Karl and Wiktor.

On Thursday the 16 of march, Our O.R.S.A group (and parents!) went to the London Science Museum.We went on a coach that took us there in about 1:30 and once got their we entered the queue and  into the main hall where we split up into groups.After we had done that, we went off to the first exhibit, which was coincidentally, about space.This exhibit contains things such as: the original soyuz capsule, a model of the moon-landing eagle spacecraft, different spaceship engines including one of the Apollo ones, information on space food and general life information, how engines work and AN ACTUAL PIECE OF MOON ROCK!Once we had explored this vast section for  of the museum for 1 hour we found ourselves going back to the main hall to group up again (we did this for every area).Then split up and went to the elevator to give the first floor a visit. On the first floor it was all about material. We saw some some weird but cool 149 layer 3D picture made of every thing.

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