Good Luck ORSAnauts

Wishing all pupils wanting to be ORSAnauts the very best of luck in your Selection Session with Dr Suzie Imber on Friday 10th November.

Mission Control will be selecting ORSAnauts for the 5 missions ORSA will undertake, and a Base Crew who will be making sure everything is prepared and working for all our experiments, projects, constructions, investigations, tests and much more more …

Join me in wishing them all the best of luck by posting a comment ….

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  1.   Roy HAWORTH on November 8th, 2017          Reply

    Good luck to all of you and remember it is all about a team effort not just how good you are on your own. Astronauts need hundreds of people to support them when on thier missions and training for them.

  2.   Oli Wilson on November 9th, 2017          Reply

    Good luck everyone! Remember to stay calm, be positive, and do your very best 🙂

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