ORSA Tryouts

On Friday  10th of November, ORSA tryouts were held in the Hall. It started at 3:00 and ended at 4:15.

First, we were sorted into groups of four. Then, our special guest, winner of Astronaut: Do You Have What It Takes Suzie Imber, explained what our tasks where going to be.

The first task was trying to do a puzzle wearing big gloves. It was very difficult, even with the smallest gloves it took a lot of teamwork!

The next challenge was to walk on and off a bench whilst a partner from your group read out a set of numbers and then you had to repeat them backwards. If you got it wrong then you switched over. This challenge tested our ability to multi-task.

Our third challenge was to make the biggest tower out of rolled up paper and connected with paper. It was tricky because we kept on knocking it over and it got taller and then it would fall but we kept on trying. It taught us that we need to keep on trying and eventually you will get it done.

The fourth challenge was to check our reflexes by spinning around then once we were dizzy we tried to make a row of colours on a board. We also had Suzie drop a ruler and we had to try and catch it and check how many centimetres were left. It showed reflexes and ability.

Our last challenge was to be able to throw a ball into a bucket with glasses that make you see everything upside down and then try to put shapes into a puzzle board. It taught us how to cope with difficulties whilst trying to do a job. It was the hardest challenge by far.

I enjoyed meeting Suzie and liked all the tasks she set us. I can’t wait to find out who gets in.

Peter Molloy

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