In ORSA we did a egg drop challenge .First we got a sheet and we had 15  items. We had to order it to the most useful items to the less useful items .Then we got in groups and we worked as a team to order the items. After that Mr liford  gave us a challenge  we had to create a strong  pareshoot using only paper, plastic  bag, tape, string but we had to put an raw egg in it first we rolled some paper and put the egg in it . After that we got some string and stuck it on the base of our models and tied a not on our plastic bag . I had to put more and more tape  on ours when all the groups were finished, Mr liford climed  the lader  and droped them all one by one nobodys cracked but then he went in the year 6 class room and dropped it one by one 3 of the groups egg survived but one of the groups egg cracked open I felt bad

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