ORSA, at long last!

So, today in ORSA we did some things. I can’t remember exactly what they were called, someone please remind me, but an example was a picture of the word ‘somewhere’ on top of a rainbow.  It meant to say (on purpose) Somewhere over the rainbow. After that we had to guide a probe through the newly discovered Mr-77Lyford101 (A map of a normal solar system with no sun or moons) and the probe (a BEEbot)  had enough battery to do 40 moves. Luckily, there were recharge stations, and would reset our move count. The objective was to go from earth, orbit all around the other planets, and back to earth. To make an orbit, you had to make a 360 degree turn round the planet. The map had edges, and if we went off it, the probe would be lost FOREVER… and we would have to restart. I was in Jupiter and we almost did it.

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