Orsa week 1

On Thursday 23rd november our first ORSA mission started

At first when we came in there were mats set out and we sat down and then read some paper on top the mat it was about a flight to the moon rendzvous point with the mother ship which was on the dark side of the moon your ship has crashed on the light side of the moon with fifteen items on your ship unbroken and you had to order them in importance 1 to 15 then we were put into groups and had to do a team ranking.

After we were in teams we had to make an egg holder we did this by making paper cylinders about 7 and we had all so been given a bag and string we threaded it through our best piece of cylinder and tied it through our bag and that was made but e had to drop it out of the year 6 window my team’s was the only one who’s broke I think it was because ours was to heavy and the others was spread evenly.

I can’t wait for the next ORSA.

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