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Trip to Science Museum

On the 16 of March, 2017 we went to the Science Museum. It took a long time to get in but we got there eventually. We were told to go back to the centre  at mid-day and the first place I went was the space exhibition. In there was a replica of a rocket  engine and […]

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About O.R.S.A

O.R.S.A, Oxford Road Space and science Academy, not really an academy but really an after school club for kids to do some science. And when they can , visitors come in and do some even more  science stuff – sorry, even more cool science stuff. And what I personally mean by ‘science stuff ‘ I mean the fun […]

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O.R.S.A Mission 2, Session 2

Today we were investigating how light travels in straight lines . In addition, we also found out which colour lets out the most light (to be more specific – torch light)   – red ,yellow or blue  (this message is to other O.R.S.A members – our group didn’t have the same colours as yours). First […]

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ORSA mission 1 session 4

Today we tried to measure the speed of sound (768 mph) . We took two blocks of wood from the music room , a trundle wheel ,ourselves, a clipboard and a few stopwatches . We then went to George street park and then measured 100 meters .Then we sent six people to the other end […]

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