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Science experiment 1 on Liquid gas and solids Apparatus What equipment do you use? Bowl, Ice, kling film and blistering water. Methodology What did you do? We put the boiling water in a bowl and put kling flim top, then we add Ice on top and we just made a mini rain. What results did […]

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Apparatus What equipment did we use? Torch, 3 colour paddles and a dark room. Methodology What did you do? We pointed our 1 colour paddles. It’s awesome right. I used Red Green and Blue. Analysis Were your results as you expected? No because Maxim’s is super effective and can shine those colours perfectly. What conclusions […]

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Mission 2 SESSION 2 Investigation notes.

  First we got 4 packets of smarties and place them in colours. We just put them in the bowls and Mr Lyford came and swap them with other table. Mr Lyford is putting 10 purple smarties at his blotting paper. I just dropped 2 teaspoon of water in my blotting paper, and then I […]

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ORSA Mission 2 session 1 Investigation notes

So now we are just cutting out 7 different colours, yellow, red, blue, green pink, orange and purple. Now that I’ve got 1 different colours from the top, we are ready to stick them in a DVD with Blue tack. AWSOME!!! my DVD just turned completely whit when I quickly span it with the pencil […]

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Can we see sound or not?? Preparation What equipment do you need? Speakers, Drum, sugar, rice, Kingfilm. Methodology What are you going to do? We add Klingfilm on the speaker so we do not damage Mr Lyford’s speaker. Next we put rice on top of the klingfilm, now we put the song “I stay up […]

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My ORSA Journal -Mission 1 08-01-2016

On our first mission we have been timing what object can go fast in 10 metres .Arrow and bow .hockey and hockey ball .stopwatch .runner .someone .Bicycle Firstly, we let Miss Carlisle hit a hockey ball with a hockey stick. SUPRISINGLY, Miss Carlisle hit is amazingly hard that we could hear when the hockey ball […]

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