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awsom dry ice experiments

we got to do sum cool dry ice experimnts we made bubles bounse in a box on a blanket of gas and make witches brew. wen we put washing up liquid in it made bubles of steam that burst wen we tuched them. my favorit was the 7 colored rainbow perls that disapered wen put […]

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on thursday i went to the stargazing at the park down the road from school. I went with oliver and vic. It was really fun. We used a star map app on the phone so we knew where all the planets and stars were in the sky. we used binockulas to look at the moon […]

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my mishons

it made me happy and relaxed doing big breeths in and out streching as high as i can jumping for 30 seconds, balansing and liing down and doing an aroplane on my tummy. now i know what astronauts feel like when they work out. my favorite was the jumping because i like skiping and i […]

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