ORSA Mission 2 Light – Week 1

Today, we were testing how we could make color disappear. Other wise known, in this experiment, as white light. First of all we had to make our instrument for making white light. So we cut out 7 different colors of triangle which were, yellow, red, orange, green, blue, purple and pink.Before the next step we […]

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My journal light 4.2.1

Part 1 Today,at ORSA our question was can you make colour dissapear we did not know! GETTING READY First we got yellow,red,orange,purple,pink,blue and green. Next we cut them out into triangles then we had a spot of blu tack about the size of a pea what we then had to do was stick our triangles […]

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Mission 2 week 1, LIGHT

We had to cut out coulared pieces of paper .Then Mr Lyford gave us a DVD .Then we put the coulared paper on the disc .Next we asked for marbles or pencels after that we had to make it spin and see if it turned white mine worked i think the coulares disepered because it […]

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