ORSA Mission 1 Speed and Sound – Week 4

Today we were measuring the speed of sound (767.269) mph. We were measuring it at our local park, we were meant to test it at 150 meters but we could only manage to get 100. Part 1: First we got 2 wooden blocks from the music room a clip board a book a stopwatch and […]

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Journal, Mission 1 Speed – Week 1

Dear science journal, today in our science group ORSAnauts  we were investigating speed and testing how fast a bunch of objects could go 10 meters.All we had to do was set out our  length and equipment and then were ready to go. We were testing these objects: A hockey hit A archery shot Someone riding […]

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First ORSA Mission 1 session one

Hopefully some of our ORSAnauts will put their journal entries on the blog page this weekend. We conducted an investigation into how fast various sports objects travel relative to the ISS, SR71 Blackbird, Hennessey Venom, Marlin, Cheetah, Usain Bolt, & the fastest ever free kick. It was lots of fun and we learned a lot […]

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